About us

Liv and Even have hosted at Vetlemyrane since 2006. At that time the yard at Vetlemyrane was completely new, built up with houses moved from an older yard in the center of Øystese, and with a new barn for the sheep. Life at Vetlemyrane is the good life for us. Here we live close to nature and can follow the changes in the seasons, weather and wind. In addition to farming, we both have work outside the farm, related to agriculture. We enjoyed having guests in the yard and wish you all a good experience.

Good local knowledge

We have first-hand local knowledge, and can give you advice and information about attractions, experiences and nice hikes in the forest and in the mountains.

At weekends you will often meet one of our adult sons or our daughter with their families. They live elsewhere but visit Vetlemyrane often.

When we need to relax, we take a hike in the forest or mountains, either by foot or ski. We enjoy being close to nature, and the best tranquility we find at the summer farm in the mountain or at a peek with view of the Hardangerfjord.

Traditional farming

At Vetlemyrane we emphasis on taking care of the culture, history and tradition associated with farming. The old cultural landscape with pastures and hay meadows is a great setting around the yard. Each summer the steep slopes are beaten with scythe and two-wheeled mower. In the spring we lead sheep and lambs to mountain pasture in Øystesefjella. We look after them during the summer, and in September, we bring them back down to the village.

In addition to the 100 sheep, we have two dogs in the yard. The Border collies Jara and Scott have Liv trained up to herd sheep. They are a great help when we move the flock of sheep from one pasture to the other. We also have some nursing cows of the Belted Galloway breed.