Guided hikes in breathtaking nature!

Do you fancy a mountain hike outside the usual? We at Vetlemyrane Gard run Hardanger Hiking with guided tours off the beaten track and the tourist crowds. Local guides take you to idyllic summer farms and mountain peaks with fantastic views of the Hardanger fjord landscape, glaciers, mountains and deep valleys.

Varied and good experiences

We offer varied hikes in the forest and mountains that we know best. Some of the hikes are suitable for families with children, and for those whith little expirience hiking in the mountains. The hikes to the peaks are suitable for those with experience of hiking and who are in good shape. In the mountains there are beautiful, idyllic summer farms, located in the forest border at around 6-700 meters above sea level. The peaks in the area around Øystese reach up to 1300 metres. The highest peak, Fuglafjell, is 1,334 meters above sea level.

On the tours, you can hear rivers and streams roaring, experience the tranquility, be captivated by magnificent nature and enjoy the view. We are happy to tell you about the use of the mountains and the summer farms today and in the past.

The hikes start from Øystese in Hardanger, 1.5 hours by car from Bergen. Get in touch for a trip with your group, your family or your herd. A typical trip takes 3-5 hours and requires varying degrees of mastery. You can book a hike with us all year round. If you have other wishes than our hike suggestions, we will adapt the hikes to your dreams and wishes.

Equipment list

Hardanger Hiking advises participants to bring good clothes on our tours. It is not necessary to fulfill all the items on the equipment list, but it gives an indication, based on our experiences. In the mountains it is windier and colder than at the start point, so it may be a good idea to bring extra clothes. We also recommend stable and waterproof shoes. You must bring lunch on all hikes

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Guided hikes

We have put together a varied tour program in the mountain area that we know best. Some of the tours are suitable for families with children, and those who are not so used to walking in the mountains. The top tours are suitable for those who are used to walking in the mountains.

You get a 15% discount for group bookings with more than 6 people.