Experiences at the farm

During the stay at Vetlemyrane, you can get close to farm activities throughout the year.

We have nursing cows, sheep and two dogs. You can join us when we feed the animals in the barn, or you can join us when we look after the animals in the pasture. The dogs are trained to herd sheep, and they come with us.

The yard at Vetlemyrane has secluded seatings, perfect for relaxation and coziness. Here there are lawns, flowerbeds, stone walls and terraces.

Say hello to the sheep

We have about 95 sheep and you can join us in the barn when we feed the animals. If you stay between 20 April and 10 May, you can experience lambing. About 200 lambs are welcomed to the world at Vetlemyrane every year. We think the lambs are very cute and we love to see them jump and bounce around. You can hold and pet the lambs.

In May, we take all the sheep and lambs to the pastures around the yard. We look after them each day, and you can join the inspection. We bring some food for the sheep with us, and they will come close eating from the bucket or our hand. In the summer, the majority of the animals graze in the mountains, but a small herd graze in the vicinity of the yard.

Playground for children

At Vetlemyrane, we have our own, safe playground for the kids with a sandbox, swing stand, tractors and playhouse. All children in the yard are welcome to play here.

Herding with dog

We have two shepherd dogs, Jara and Scott, which we use when we move the sheep from one pasture to another. The dogs are approved as herding dogs, and in the summer, you can watch them in training or join us when we move the sheep. We are happy to tell you how we train the dogs and what instincts they have that make them suitable for herding.

Boat on the lake i Fitjadalen

At the end of the lake in Fitjadalen, 5 km from Vetlemyrane, we have a boathouse with a rowing boat, which guests at the farm can rent. In the lake you can fish for trout. You can borrow fishing equipment. The boathouse has a terrace, where you can cook barbecue food, have another meal or just relax in the afternoon sun.